PABWRP Founder



The founder of Book Bee and Pakistan’s Blogger’s, Writers, Readers and Poets is an emerging entrepreneur, writer and a literary activist, currently engaged in rekindling the fire and need to inspire her generation to read and write. Her believe in the power of words has put her on a relentless pursuit to spread the message across entire country. She has single handedly planned, organized and successfully executed both literary event soon after laying the foundation of her group in 2018.
She encourage and inspire our young generation to learn, understand and share their voice and opinions
via writing. Her mission is highly appreciated by literature community, educational institutions and influencers that led her to various platforms.
She has proved that even in the world of technology the importance of reading books can never be denied, she has given voice to many aspiring writers; helping them to come out of their shells by creating this platform.
She believes that our youth is resilient and have shown the entire world that they have the ability to compete and win against every odd. PBWRP will inspire, educate and help bring like-minded individuals that will enable our youth to be successful in their mission to be independent and a vital part in fulfilling the dreams of our founders.